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5 Reasons Why Roman Reigns is John Cena version 2.0

Reigns is ready to assume the role of superman, once Cena walks away.

Is Roman Reigns being groomed to fill Cenas shoes?

John Cena is an anomaly in a world of cookie cutters. Whether you love him, or you hate him, you know who he is and that in itself is impressive. You don't have to be a staunch WWE, or even a wrestling fan in general, to know who John Cena is.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry off the street can easily pick Cena out of a lineup. Why am I saying this?

Because, John Cena is a spectacle, he’s an attraction, he's vital to the WWE as a company and yes, he is indeed "the face that runs the place.” This is even coming from someone who is not a big Cena fan.

I do, however, have a tremendous amount of respect for his contributions to the industry and for the way he obviously loves the business. It doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to understand that the industry is better overall today, because of his efforts both inside the ring, and for how he has represented the sport outside of it.

One of the other facts about John Cena, is the fact that he's not getting any younger. Of course, that's a given, but it brings me to my point.

When John Cena walks away from professional wrestling, there will be a significant void, both creatively and financially and while we haven't created the technology quite yet to clone Cena, there is a need to find someone to attempt to fill that void.

This is a void that will take a special type of individual. It'll take someone with thick skin to be able to take all the criticism thrown his way and broad shoulders to carry the weight of a company.

In today's article, I'll explain to you how there’s already a process in place, in which WWE powers that be, have already started molding someone to fill those denim shorts. This is five reasons that point to Roman Reigns being John Cena version 2.0.

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