5 reasons why Roman Reigns plans to transition out of WWE in 2 years

Rohit Nath

#2. Hollywood career

Is Hollywood in Roman Reigns' future
Is Hollywood in Roman Reigns' future

One of the other important aspects of this particular interview with The Sportster is that Roman Reigns openly admitted his willingness to work on more Hollywood projects.

He got a taste of Hollywood when he worked with The Rock in the Fast & Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw. Reigns certainly has a good look for Hollywood and would succeed.

"I definitely see more projects and films in the future, for sure. But I think, where I'm at now, they will come a little more sparingly

He said that at the moment, he's willing to take side projects as they come. He knows that he has a future in Hollywood and that's where he wants to go next once he reaches a physical decline and can't go in the ring anymore. Hollywood would certainly be an interesting prospect and he would be following The Rock and John Cena down that same path.

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