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WWE Hell in a Cell, 2017: 5 reasons why Sami Zayn helped Kevin Owens win against Shane McMahon

Riju Dasgupta
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We list some storyline possibilities for Zayn going heel!
We list some storyline and practical possibilities for Sami Zayn going heel!

It seems strange that the major talking point emerging out of an event where a man drops from a 20-foot steel cage would be a newfound alliance between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

These two men have been at odds since their NXT days, and it was shocking indeed to see the 'Underdog from the Underground' come to the aid of his erstwhile friend.

There could be so many reasons for the change of heart that Zayn underwent, to turn heel and help out his sworn enemy. We list five probable reasons in the storyline and from WWE's perspective that could have convinced him to make this move.

#5. Frustration

Zayn has been SmackDown Live's biggest failure
Zayn has been SmackDown Live's biggest failure

Remember all those episodes of Talking Smack from last year where Daniel Bryan would say that Sami Zayn was getting wasted on RAW and would have been a far better fit on SmackDown Live, the land of opportunity? Well, Zayn did shift from the red to the blue brand and somehow, managed to be booked even more poorly on SmackDown.

At least on RAW, one remembers Zayn from his battles with Owens, his war of words with Mick Foley (where the WWE Hall-of-Famer's teeth went flying asunder) and his battles with Braun Strowman.

On SmackDown Live, he is a rare sight and has been booked in some meaningless feuds, such as the one with MIke Kanellis and Maria when they first came in.

He may not have fared as badly as those two have, thus far, but he has still scraped the bottom of the barrel, on a weekly basis.

Add the fact that he has never won any gold, and Zayn may have wanted to change his ways to become a top performer, at least from a storyline perspective.

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