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WWE Clash of Champions: 5 Reasons Why Seth Rollins might win

If WWE puts the Universal Heavyweight Title on Seth Rollins, what message does this send to fans?

What message is WWE sending its fans if Seth Rollins wins the Universal Heavyweight Title ay Clash of Champions?

You can never trust rumors, but there is a growing sentiment that WWE is going to reverse field and put the Universal Heavyweight Title around the waist of Seth Rollins at Clash of Champions.

I'm not sure whether this is a good decision or the right decision. What I do know is for a title that is new to the company, it's embroiled in controversy and has no clear direction. What WWE has done is failed to communicate its message to the fans about this being the most important belt in the company right now.

When Sunday comes around and fans have been waiting for hours for the main event at the pay-per-view, which direction will this company go? The smart money should be continuity and the belt should remain around the waist of Kevin Owens. As we all Know, this is a company, especially with the red brand, that cannot decide which direction to take.

If you are a betting man or woman, look for Rollins to walk out of the event as the new champion. Also look for many questions left on answered as WWE moves to Monday night. Here are five reasons why Seth Rollins should win the WWE Universal Heavyweight Title.

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