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5 reasons why Shield vs New Day is the match to make for Survivor Series

Because Roman Reigns' Twitter beef with Big E is hilarious :p

The Shield may be in action at Survivor Series after all
The Shield may be in action at Survivor Series after all

Survivor Series nears and with it a number of mouth-watering match-ups. In fact, I can say that apart from WrestleMania, I've not looked forward to any other pay-per-view as much this year.

In keeping with the explosive show they put on last year, with Goldberg squashing Brock Lesnar in a stunning upset, it looks like the WWE has gone all out to fulfil expectations yet again.

The traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series men's is practically un-missable given the whole under siege angle that's cooking...and the Champion vs Champion clashes are equally intriguing.

With SmackDown Live establishing itself as a legitimate contender to Raw and not just a forgotten sideshow, all the matches assume greater brevity too.

but no one match typifies the rivalry between the brands like one we hope the WWE will see the sense to make on Raw. (which is only a few hours away as of this writing).

I am, of course, talking about the Shield versus New Day.

Raw's protectors vs SmackDown Live's first line of attack.

The Hounds of Justice versus the Power of Positivity.

And given that Roman Reigns is returning this week and Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose have also been relieved of the Raw Tag Titles, we're hoping this match is good to go for Survivor Series.

Here's why.

No other options for Roman Reigns

Thrusting Reigns into the 5 on 5 match isn't a good idea
Thrusting Reigns into the 5 on 5 match isn't a good idea

Given the fact that all the 5 spots on Team Raw have been filled and that Reigns doesn't hold any other Championship, there is literally no other way the WWE can accommodate the Big Dog in Survivor Series in a telling way.

Of course, they could shuffle Team Raw and perhaps remove Jason Jordan, giving Reigns the spot but if that was their plan all along, why even insert him into the team last week?

So unless WWE makes the Shield vs New Day, Reigns will officially sit out Survivor Series and we absolutely can't have that.

He can interfere in some match, but it's highly unlikely that the WWE will advertise that beforehand and they always advertise their biggest stars in the lead up to pay-per-views.

Technically, the WWE have booked themselves into a corner.

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