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5 Reasons Why Smackdown Live is coming along better than Raw

Smackdown Live is doing it better than Raw because the brand is using all its resources in the best way possible

Feature 03 Oct 2016, 21:26 IST

Think of WWE’s Smackdown Live as the Little Engine That Could. A smaller roster, a shorter time on cable television and fewer storylines to draw from. For some reason, the blue team continues to surprise everyone and prove Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan know what they are doing.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Two months into the new era or this “experiment” in brand specific programming, I tend to watch Tuesday nights more because of the potential for better matches and more compelling segments.

I don’t think anyone really knows why Monday Night Raw isn’t laying the Smackdown – see how I did that – on its baby brother. What I do know it is possible the reasons for the blue team’s success isn’t as much what it is doing right as it is more of what the red brand is doing wrong.

Any way you want to analyse it, Smackdown Live is winning the wrestling war right now, which is making for some compelling arguments against the theory of bigger is always better in this business. But for now, it’s great for the fans to sit and wonder and talk out loud why they think blue of better than red in this case.

Here are five reasons why the blue team is getting over on the red team.

Less indecision

The situation with Roman Reigns continues to be perplexing

The current situation with the Universal Heavyweight Title is all the reason you need to realise things aren’t as cohesive on Monday nights. The fact the company has not addressed the swerve by Triple H to turn on Seth Rollins is hurting fan interest. There should have been resolution immediately.

Continuity means a lot in telling a storyline. It has not happened. The company is still making Roman Reigns the lead dog on Monday night. Winning the US Title is a great honour and it could help get him over with the fans. But Reigns does not have the top belt in the company, which is complicating matters.

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