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5 Reasons why the Rusev-Lana-Bobby Lashley storyline is the hottest feud in WWE right now

Rohit Nath
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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:13 IST

Controversial but a money feud
Controversial but a money feud

We get it. You most probably despise the rivalry going on right now between Rusev and Bobby Lashley that revolves around Lana. We get why. The entire premise of the story is quite silly and the fact that it's been going on for two full months now (with seemingly no sign of ending) makes many fans impatient and angsty.

The argument is that the storyline feels too immature and we can understand why. Lana cheating on her husband for being a sex addict to be with Bobby Lashley doesn't make much sense, but to be fair, neither does a lot of wrestling.

It's simply a bizarre world of entertainment of another kind and understandably, there have been a lot of downsides to the storyline but in reality, it's still the hottest feud in WWE today. We understand that may sound controversial, but let us explain why with five reasons.

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#5. The numbers on social media platforms back it up

Do they make a good couple?
Do they make a good couple?

How much ever fans complain, the reality is that numbers on social media and TV ratings are the measuring stick for a lot of different things in WWE. When you have the Rusev-Lana-Lashley segments doing numbers in the millions on YouTube and getting high viewership and engagement on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, what incentive does WWE have to discontinue it?

As we know, WWE loves bragging about their social media numbers and to their credit, they're quite good at that game. Every single thing posted is taken note of and the higher-ups are well aware with reports of what has been getting the most traction on these platforms.

The reality is that this storyline has been getting tremendous viewership and engagement online and the numbers back it up.

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Published 02 Dec 2019, 22:14 IST
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