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5 Reasons why The Shield Triple Threat match will be awesome

Pratyay Ghosh
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12.30K   //    30 Jun 2016, 20:07 IST
The Shield battle it out amongst themselves for the WWE Championship at WWE Battleground

Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta. The six words that instantly bring to mind the most powerful faction in the modern era of the WWE. The six words that represent three of the top Superstars in WWE today.

The six words that remind us of a faction, torn apart from within at the height of their powers by the betrayal of one of their own.

Each member of The Shield brought something different to the trio and together they were three prongs of a well-oiled machine.

Roman Reigns was the silent muscle, the enforcer if you will. Seth Rollins was the acrobat, the outspoken hothead who did crazy things. Ambrose was the de-facto mouthpiece and the wild man.

Since The Shield broke up in 2014, all three members have been WWE Champion with Ambrose winning his first title at Money In The Bank earlier in the month after cashing in on Seth Rollins who had just beaten Roman Reigns for the title.

This has led to one of the most highly anticipated matches in recent memory being announced for WWE Battleground, the first ever Shield triple threat match with Dean Ambrose defending his newly won title against his former ‘brothers’.

And here are 5 reasons why The Shield triple threat at WWE Battleground will be awesome.

#5 The History & Legacy

All members of The Shield held gold at the same time at one point during their run.

The Shield was more than a brotherhood. They were more than just mercenaries. They were a three-headed dragon to be unleashed on the unsuspecting enemy at any given time. They made their debuts as the mercenaries of CM Punk at Survivor Series 2012.


They followed this up by running roughshod on the whole WWE roster, from Hall of Famers to former world champions.

Within a year, all three members held championship gold with Rollins and Reigns winning the Tag-team Titles and Ambrose holding the US Championship, while their undefeated streak in six-man tag matches lasted almost 6 months.

They had epic matches with just about anyone but the ones that really stood out were their matches against The Wyatt Family and Team Hell No with The Undertaker.

The moved on to become the mercenaries of The Authority and attacked anyone who criticized Triple H’s regime before turning on Triple H himself in November 2013. They quickly disposed of Kane and The New Age Outlaws at Wrestlemania XXX which led to Triple H reforming Evolution.

However, Evolution were defeated at Extreme Rules 2014 and The Sheild cemented themselves as the dominant force in the WWE. The trio reaffirmed their spot at Payback 2014 when they defeated Evolution again in the rematch, with no Shield member being eliminated.

The Shield then imploded the following night on Raw when Rollins turned on his ‘brothers’ to align with The Authority.

The Shield had enjoyed a brief but impactful run together, cementing themselves as fan favourites. Since then, the trio has gone down different paths to success with all members holding the WWE Championship.

They will meet each other for the first time ever in a triple threat match at WWE Battleground. It is a main event that could easily headline Wrestlemania.

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