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5 Reasons why Triple H didn't appear at Clash Of Champions

The Game left many surprised when he didn't appear at Clash of Champions, and here's why.

Triple H didn’t show up at Clash of Champions, much to the surprise of the WWE Universe

It is pretty well known by now that Triple H’s shocking appearance through the crowd, duly attacking both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, was the reason behind Kevin Owens capturing the WWE Universal Title in the first place.

And in keeping with that, everyone almost took it for granted that Triple H would be appearing at Clash of Champions to ensure that his new golden boy would retain the title against his former protege, Seth Rollins.

But as it would turn out, there was no sign of Triple H throughout the show, as Kevin Owens somehow managed to hold on to the Universal Title and close out what was a highly satisfying pay-per-view event.

With the twist at the end leaving more questions than answers, we take a look at 5 reasons why Triple H may not have chosen to make his presence felt at the Clash of Champions.

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