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5 Reasons Why Triple H May Have Turned on Seth Rollins

Will we ever know why Triple H turned on Seth Rollins, handing the Universal Heavyweight Title to Kevin Owens?

Why did Triple H turn on his protege?

I hope you will forgive me if I do not get too excited about Triple H’s lack of involvement in the final Raw show before Clash of Champions. There are too many loose ends that have not been tied up, too many questions about how the sudden change of heart by the COO of WWE will ultimately lead to a match with Seth Rollins and how the swerve that has lost its luster will mean a fractured relationship with his wife, Stephanie McMahon.

To say WWE dropped the ball on this one would be on point.

With the go home show on Monday night a lot of the same hullabaloo with Rollins and Kevin Owens an afterthought because Roman Reigns is still the chosen one in terms of the company’s future, I wonder if the Universal Heavyweight Title Match really means anything. What is WWE’s real plan and why hasn’t Triple H been front and center in all of this?

Clash of Champions on Sunday night is either going to be one of the biggest nights of the year, where all the questions surrounding Owens winning the title will be answered or fans will continue to wonder why $9.99 is still too much to watch the mishmash of thrown together booking. And as I write this piece, we still have no idea why the man who became Rollins’ mentor came out of the crowd to turn on the former Authority bidder.

I suppose we just have to speculate, hope for the best and expect the worst. That has been the company’s M.O. – to have fans bob and weave through storylines until they finally tell us the truth.

The Rollins-Triple H angle has been kicked around for some time, long before the former WWE World Champion blew his knee out. But for now, if a match between mentor and student is to happen, it might be the Royal Rumble before that happens. In any event, we still have to think out loud why this all happened in the first place.

Here are five reasons why Triple H may have turned on Rollins and handed the belt to Owens, to begin with.

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