5 reasons why WWE should reunite 3MB

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Slater, Mahal, and McIntyre looked drastically different 4 years ago

#3 Feud with the Shield

The Shield quickly lays waste to the band.
3MB vs. The Shield in 2018 would be drastically different than 2012

Remember what I said about 3MB essentially being band wannabes who got beaten up by the cool kids. Well, the cool kids in question are the black-clad hounds of justice Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. In 2012 nobody would be excited about The Shield versus the Three Man Band.

With Mahal and McIntyre being bona fide superstars, and Slater...well Slater still has a big fan following, 3MB vs. The Shield would now be an even fight. This is no longer a group of jobbers putting over the rising stars, this is five main eventers/upper card talents...and the lovable Heath Slater, battling it out to prove who's the more dominant three-man act.

To get this match in the works would require a lot of re-arranging on the WWE chess board. Slater is on Raw, Mahal is on SmackDown, and the currently injured McIntyre is on NXT. When McIntyre recovers he could be called up to the main roster and debut on Raw. Mahal could be traded to Raw, or be released from SmackDown and sign with Raw, or lose a "Loser leaves the brand match", whatever it takes to reunite him with his former stablemates.

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