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5 Reasons why WWE Superstars are more prone to injuries

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Who’s to blame?

The world of professional wrestling has certainly gone to another dimension. Whether it is the in-ring showcase, the extensive travel for engagements outside of the ring, or overall fan expectation, the pressure for a WWE talent to be relevant has increased. While this does improve the hunger for a character to succeed and ascend to the main event level, it also comes with an increased susceptibility to injury.

Nowadays, we see a dangerous amount of talent falling victim to not only minor injuries but situations that are much more costly. The most recent example was Finn Balor, who became the inaugural WWE Universal Champion. However, this achievement was short-lived, as he suffered a torn labrum which will require at least six months to recover.

Balor is not the only person who had a prominent position revoked by injury, as Sasha Banks also had to end her first reign as Women’s Champion due to nagging back injuries. In this era of WWE, injuries are as common as ever. Somehow, this dangerous trend has to be investigated deeper to provide a solution of how to cease it. 

Here are five reasons why superstars are more prone to injuries.

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