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5 reasons WrestleMania is bigger than the SuperBowl

It's time to prove why Wrestlemania is truly the show of shows.

As the debate rages on, here’s a look at why Wrestlemania trumps the Superbowl

The debate about the SuperBowl being superior to Wrestlemania and vice-versa has been a discussion that has been going on for decades upon decades. With the most favoured view being that the American Football showcase outdoes its Wrestling counterpart every year.

Many Americans share this view and frankly, many wrestling fans share it too. However, it's finally time to dispel the myths around both events and lay out the concrete facts.

SuperBowl 51 just passed and fans aren’t talking about how good or spectacular it was, they're thinking about how Wrestlemania will inevitably top it. From a business standpoint it's always good to have competition but when we delve into the actual logic of the debate, it's clear one event is certainly bigger & better than the other.

Here are five reasons why Wrestlemania is bigger & better than the SuperBowl.

#5 More action, fewer commercials

John Cena and The Rock in the ring at Wrestlemania 28
John Cena vs The Rock generated a record 1.3m domestic PPV buys

Perhaps the biggest and most prominent selling point of the SuperBowl is the commercials. Companies & movie promotions pay within the realms of $5 million for a 30-second slot at the event.

Reports have shown that the halftime show and commercial's presentation are often the two most watched segments of the entire NFL season, now what does that say about SuperBowl. On the other hand, Wrestlemania is all about the action. It's about the cementing of legacies, creating new stars and the formation of history.

Fans know that when they tune into Wrestlemania they're getting what they paid for, wrestling on the grandest stage of them all. Yes, Vince has invited special guests to perform in the past but only as a stop-gap to give wrestlers time to prepare.

The musicians are not advertised as the heart of the show, the wrestlers are. On Sunday night/Monday morning it wasn't the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons trending on social media, it was the fact that Lady Gaga jumped off a stage. The football wasn't the main talking point. Next. 

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