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5 Scandalous instances of Flag Desecration in the WWE

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The PG version of Flag Desecration

In pro-wrestling, you have the good guys and the bad guys – the cheers and the boos. These reactions from the audience rely on the actions and words of the wrestlers. The juicier, the better. So this is where companies like the WWE go all out, to get the heavy reactions they feed themselves from.

In the case of the heels: sometimes, the cheapest and the quickest jabs are the most effective ways to receive the hate they strive for.

What better way to get the people to boo you than to insult them and where they’re from? WWE loves to bring out the patriotic side of the audience, poking them exactly where they easily get ticked off.

But do you think they go too far, too low, sometimes? Here are 5 instances of flag desecration in wrestling that left people asking “…Did he really just do that?”

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