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5 scariest moments in WWE history

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Mick Foley took many brutal bumps

The perception among the general public is that the WWE are nothing more than charlatans who prey on the credulity of a naive audience, but this notion couldn’t be further away from the truth. When presented with care and attention, professional wrestling can be as enthralling as any other form of entertainment in the world. 

In fact, if you speak to any WWE Superstar, they will tell you that their job is to put smiles on people’s faces. This may sound like corporate hogwash on the surface, but these men and women genuinely think that it’s their divine duty to give the audience its money’s worth.

Dismiss the pompous ranting of the vocal minority, and it is pretty evident that a lot of fans are thoroughly entertained by the WWE and their cast of characters. However, for everything that is glorious about the sport of kings, things can always go awry and leave the audience in a state of fear and panic. This list is intended to take you through five such moments.

Without any further ado, here are the 5 scariest moments in WWE history:

#5 The piledriver heard around the world 

Austin was almost crippled at Summerslam 1997

In August of 1997, Steve Austin was on a meteoric rise to the summit of the World Wrestling Federation. The Bionic Redneck decided to capture the Intercontinental Championship at that year’s Summerslam, and the obstacle placed in front of him was none other than Owen Hart. 

Both men were at the peak of their powers, and they put on a spectacle for the majority of the match. However, as the bout neared its conclusion, Hart botched a piledriver and accidentally spiked Austin’s head on the canvas, temporarily paralysing the iconoclastic Texan and mangling his neck in the process. The Rattlesnake barely managed to secure a weak roll-up for the victory.   

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Needless to say, the man fondly known as Stone Cold went on to become the most lucrative character in wrestling history, but he was never able to shake off this injury fully, and his career ended prematurely in 2003.  

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