5 Secret things you might not have noticed about Bray Wyatt's new gimmick in WWE

Modified 24 Apr 2019
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#2 The demented reactions of the children and Wyatt's message to them

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt

One of the things about the new gimmick of Wyatt which really grabbed the attention of the viewers was the fact that there were children reacting to everything that he said. While it started off innocently enough, it quickly grew worse.

The moment that Bray Wyatt introduced the Buzzard puppet and the children 'aww'-d, it became clear that all was not okay.

This continued to develop as Wyatt said more and more disturbing things, to each of which the children cheered. It appeared almost that the children were bound to respond to him as if they were in a trance or they were hypnotised.

The theme was set at the very end when Bray Wyatt finally made a request of the children and the WWE Universe -- 'Let me in'.

Those three words alone are enough to make this one of the most disturbing gimmicks. What if Wyatt has realised that he cannot target adults... and so now he is targeting children for his cult?

Published 24 Apr 2019
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