5 Secrets you may not know about WWE taped shows

WWE’s taped shows are certainly interesting
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Executing WWE television on a week to week basis is a tricky job, no matter how many people will tell you that it isn't. The amount of work and effort that goes into producing top content that can ensure the happiness of the fans is staggering, and there's not nearly enough credit given to the writers and people behind the scenes.

With that being said, in today's world of social media there isn't much that's left to the imagination - and even less so when you've got dozens of former employees on hand to spill the beans. It's because of this that we as a viewing audience have been able to uncover a multitude of secrets from taped shows, some of which you may know - and some of which you may not.

Whatever the case may be each one is as interesting and fascinating as the last, because it gives you an idea of the lengths WWE goes to in order to ensure the best possible product for us, the WWE Universe. Well, that's how we choose to see it - others may believe that they're just thinking of themselves. But who's to say which thoughtΒ process is right or wrong?

With that in mind, let's take a look at five secrets you may not know about WWE taped shows.

#5 Noise input

Give us real reactions, please

This one may not come as much of a surprise to some people who enjoy reading the dirt sheets, but it's still a tad embarrassing for WWE. For taped shows, especially ones that air on tape delay, the company inserts cheers and a variety of different noises when particular superstars come out to make it seem like they're more popular than they are.

It's a little bit sad in all honesty that they feel the need to do that because they should instead just choose to steer into the skid. It happens a lot during the international shows, and they even go so far as to lower the volume of the mics near the crowd. A perfect example of this would be when Roman Reigns defeated Triple H in the main event of WrestleMania 32 - because the boos inside the stadium at the time were deafening.

Speaking of the crowd.

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