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5 shockers WWE can pull off on SmackDown Live

How will the WWE Universe react when two polarizing figures come face to face? Will Styles be a victim of yet another attack?

Top 5 / Top 10 24 Apr 2018, 23:42 IST

Make it happen, WWE!
Make it happen, WWE!

It is finally happening! The Miz and Daniel Bryan are set to face each other after numerous of verbal altercations and Twitter exchanges. Tomorrow night, on the go-home episode of WWE SmackDown Live before the Greatest Royal Rumble, many twists and turns can be expected.

The NXT call-ups may finally make their awaited debut, and old storylines may get new angles before the Greatest Royal Rumble event takes place this Friday. Many unanswered questions may get answered too.

Here are five surprising moments that are sure to make the fans drop their jaws if they do indeed take place.

#5 A game-changer for Orton

An inevitable heel turn coming?
An inevitable heel turn coming?

When you think about the biggest heel Superstars in WWE, Randy Orton stands among the best of all time. His "Legend Killer" gimmick is one of the most vicious, villainous characters in WWE history.

Orton as a babyface has become stale and unappealing and it is an undeniable fact that Orton's current run is not getting over with the WWE Universe. His heel turn can happen any moment, and with Jeff Hardy interrupting his entrance last week, WWE might have given some hints.

WWE needs to bring the cocky and obnoxious Randy Orton back, and one can't rule out the possibility that the inevitable turn happens as soon as this Tuesday night. Orton is yet to have his rematch for the US Championship he lost at 'Mania, and him reaching his breaking point and attacking Hardy tomorrow night will give a fresh angle to the US Title scene.

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