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5 shocking backstage stories from WWE's Attitude Era

Some of the most bizarre stories from behind the scenes.

Top 5 / Top 10 19 Nov 2017, 15:26 IST

This could have been another Screwjob moment
This could have been another Screwjob moment

The WWE has always harboured some of the most bizarre personalities doing some of the strangest things, not only in the storylines but even in real-life. The Attitude Era was one such phase where reality and storyline often overlapped, owing to the changing nature of the business to pander to a more mature audience.

However, there have been quite a few backstage incidents (real life, mind you!) that have emerged out of WWE's sacred vaults. Here are 5 shocking backstage stories from WWE's Attitude Era:

#1 X-Pac plants poop in Sable’s bag

Sable, in all her glory
Sable, in all her glory

X-Pac never found much success in the World Wrestling Entertainment, save his stint with D-generation X and a few sporadic appearances (only to incite the “nostalgia” factor for the most part) later on in his career, but he was always known for his extremely deplorable antics outside the ring.

One such repugnant act of his involved him relieving himself in one of his co-worker’s luggage. It was during the spring of 1999 when the Attitude Era was at its pinnacle and ratings were on an all-time high. Sable was one of the hottest properties in the business and undoubtedly had more charisma than the other divas in the business.

However, her relations with the company started deteriorating around that time, which led to her being stripped of the title. This culminated in her untimely departure from the business. On her last day with the WWE, Sean Waltman (X-Pac the hero of the “One Night In Chyna” feature film) put poop inside Sable’s bag. In a shoot interview later, Waltman claimed that he knew where Sable’s bag was hidden and compared the act to a “guerilla” mission.

This wasn’t the first time X-Pac resorted to his “poop” frolics. Reportedly, he once left his faeces in Mark Henry’s sandwich, which the latter actually ate. Grow up, 1-2-3 Kid!

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