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5 Shocking Questions You Won't Believe WWE Will Never Answer

Rimika Saini
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The business is secretive

With all that professional wrestling as a business has achieved, WWE has managed to garner worldwide attention due to its appealing content and success.

Vince McMahon's ideology has transitioned the wrestling business to a different stratosphere and is continuing to extend his business to unimaginable heights.

Considering that WWE will be live from Australia this Saturday, all eyes are on the product and what might transpire next before we move to 2019.

There's no denying that legions of WWE fans identify the workings of the business today, with the company following their scripts to advance narrative on a weekly basis.

However, even in this age of technology, there are many things that the WWE refuses to acknowledge or even comment upon. What exactly are these things? Let's find out.

Here are the 5 shocking things you won't believe WWE doesn't want you to talk about.

#1 Did Triple H intentionally screw CM Punk after defeating him at Night of Champions 2011?

WWE won't answer this

Despite building a reputation for himself as one of the greatest minds in professional wrestling, Triple H's power backstage has always given him a bad name.

His altercations with CM Punk were pretty impressive for television on a weekly basis during the Summer of Punk, but little did anyone know that they were rivals backstage.


The Cult of Personality spilled the truth every time he shared the ring with Triple H and spent much of his time disregarding the Game's ideology for the future of WWE.

While the Game has ascended many independent performers to the top through NXT, Punk's accusations of the former's power backstage felt quite legitimate.

Both the superstars squared off at Night of Champions 2011 which saw the Cult of Personality lose to Triple H clean. Considering that Punk was the biggest star in the WWE in 2011, coming out of GM's position to defeat him instead of pushing him felt a bit strange.

This became one of the biggest reasons why CM Punk left the company on unfortunate terms in 2014, and even if the fans despise what transpired, WWE still remains completely silent on the issue.

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