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5 Shocks that WWE should Pull Off at TLC 

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4.61K   //    08 Dec 2018, 19:28 IST

Can TLC become the best pay per view of 2018?
Can TLC become the best pay per view of 2018?

The current build of TLC hasn't been up to speed. Except for a few storylines, the WWE hasn't been able to hype up the fans for TLC.

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RAW and SmackDown Live's ratings are really low and fans are not tuning in to watch WWE. WWE has just one more week to hype up TLC and they need to it properly otherwise we can be sure many fans will not tune in to watch TLC.

With WrestleMania only months away, TLC will serve as a launching pad for its booking decisions in the future. '

TLC will definitely play a massive role in how the storylines will progress. Some decisions could even change the course of WWE programming for months.

TLC is one of the most extreme and entertaining pay per views of the year but this time it doesn't look like that WWE will be able to make TLC a successful event. So what can WWE do in order to make TLC a success?

In this article, I will list five shocking things that WWE should do to make TLC an excellent and a must watch pay per view.

#5 Finn Balor appears as the Demon King

Finn Balor can receive a major push at TLC
Finn Balor can receive a major push at TLC

Finn Balor has been currently getting some spotlight on RAW due to the fact that many of the top babyfaces on the Red Brand are out.


He is currently involved in a feud with Corbin and McIntyre and he is currently scheduled to face McIntyre at TLC.

Finn Balor has been struggling to gain momentum since his loss against Corbin on the night after Summerslam.

A win against McIntyre at TLC is the perfect way to gain back his credibility. But there is a very little chance that Balor will be able to defeat McIntyre as McIntyre is being heavily protected by the WWE since his debut.

Unfortunately for Balor, that likely means taking a loss at TLC. But if Balor appears as the Demon King he certainly will have a chance to defeat the Scottish Psychopath, Drew McIntyre.

And if Balor defeats McIntyre as the Demon King it will certainly lessen the impact of loss and will also help Balor to gain back his credibility.

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