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5 Signs that The Fiend's title reign won't last long

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04 Nov 2019, 05:50 IST

The Fiend might not be Universal Champion for very long.
The Fiend might not be Universal Champion for very long.

The Fiend won The Universal Championship from Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel and while The WWE Universe was noticeably happy about the outcome, one has to wonder what the company has planned next. One also has to wonder how long The Fiend's reign as champion will last.

Of course, there are probably a lot of fans that think Wyatt's superhuman persona and momentum will carry him to a long title reign, but they might not realize how difficult it is to pull something like that off. It may be difficult to wrap your head around but holding the Universal Title for too long could end up hurting the character.

Whether it does or not remains to be seen and will depend on what WWE does with the character going forward, but here are five signs that The Fiend's time as Universal Champion won't last very long. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below and tell us how long you think his reign should last!

#5 Might hurt other Superstars

The Fiend was impervious to everything Seth Rollins could throw at him!
The Fiend was impervious to everything Seth Rollins could throw at him!

Although the WWE Universe is absolutely in love with The Fiend character right now and the company has created some of the most entertaining television this year utilizing him, putting The Universal Title on him comes with problems. Unfortunately for The WWE Universe, that problem could be that it makes other Superstars look weak in comparison.

Between repeatedly kicking out at one after being stomped, to getting hit in the face with a steel chair and getting back up, it seems very apparent that The Fiend is impervious to anything a Superstar can throw at him. That doesn't mean that the character is untouchable and can't be neutralized for a moment or two, but it feels like nobody will ever have enough to put him away.

With that being said and the company going all out to show that Wyatt is superhuman, you start to see the problem with booking him as champion. Keeping him as champion forces the company to recycle the same kind of match week after week (or however often he does wrestle), which could be problematic for the guy who is supposed to be the most important man on the roster. It also puts The Fiend in a position that could make him even more untouchable than Brock Lesnar, if that's even possible.

In the end, it's just going to make anyone in his path a sitting duck and another notch on his belt. That is not a good thing for a title picture desperately in need of unpredictability and it could end up hurting The Fiend character in the long run.

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