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5 Signs that indicate that Bray Wyatt is bringing a new Wyatt Family to WWE 

Riju Dasgupta
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03 Sep 2019, 21:28 IST

The signs are in place and the future is ominous
The signs are in place and the future is ominous

Ever since the Firefly Fun House vignettes began to air, it became clear that WWE had something special in store for all of us. The transformation of Bray Wyatt into The Fiend did not disappoint, and in this article, I shall tell you what I believe it's all been leading to.

It is very clear if you read between the lines, that the Wyatt Family is priming for a return. It may all be guesswork and speculation for now, but I think there is solid evidence pointing to the same.

In any case, do let me know if you'd be happy to see a brand new Wyatt Family in WWE, or do you want to see The Fiend as a solo act, going forward? Also, whom would you like to see as a part of this heel unit, ladies and gentlemen?

The comments section is your space to make yourself heard!

#5 The metaphorical significance of the puppets

I doubt you guys need me to spell this out, but puppets on strings have been used through history as a symbol of a leader orchestrating his own devious ploys, and Bray Wyatt using puppets in his vignettes could certainly point to this fact. One has to remember that everything that Bray Wyatt says and does is symbolic, which pretty much confirms the fact that these puppets will be making an appearance on WWE television in one form or another.

So, what could be the ways that Wyatt is controlling WWE Superstars, making them the puppets that are carrying out his commands? Maybe he's the man behind the Roman Reigns attacks, informing Rowan what to do because Daniel Bryan's ally clearly spelled out that he was doing whatever he did, on behalf of someone else this past week!

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