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5 Signs that Roman Reigns is no longer 'The Guy' for Vince McMahon

Riju Dasgupta
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10 Jun 2019, 09:20 IST

Roman Reigns' stock has fallen over the last few months
Roman Reigns' stock has fallen over the last few months

Roman Reigns often refers to himself as 'The Guy' on WWE television. This is a reference to being the face of the company in the present era, much like John Cena was the face of the previous era of WWE.

There have been many others, from Bruno Sammartino to Hulk Hogan, to Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock. Each of these not-so-gentle men has been the go-to guy for the McMahon family, who've built their company around them.

Roman Reigns was thought to be Vince McMahon's golden boy, despite the fact that the WWE Universe did not take to him as they took to his predecessors before him. However, this seems to be changing with the passage of time because it just seems like Roman Reigns is no longer 'the guy'.

If you don't believe me, these 5 signs can maybe convince you of the point I'm making.

#5 Repetitive and unexciting matches

Mind you, Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns actually battled each other at WWE WrestleMania 35 this very year.

The very fact that their feud has been stretched over so many months is indicative of the fact that WWE and Vince McMahon aren't putting enough thought into Roman Reigns' future career graph.

It's been two months since WrestleMania and we still have Reigns vs. McIntyre at Stomping Grounds.

It is all too possible that Roman Reigns is lying low before he makes a resurgence and a comeback at SummerSlam. But honestly, from what I've been seeing, he's still an upper mid-card player but no longer the face of the company.


Vince McMahon said he would listen to the fans and he's giving other people a chance for now.

Compare this to the years before. Reigns was always in prominent feuds and there always seemed to be a plan for The Big Dog.

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