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5 Signs that the Seth Rollins of today in WWE is the Roman Reigns of yesterday 

Riju Dasgupta
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04 Dec 2019, 09:07 IST

Rollins and Reigns are both two of WWE
Rollins and Reigns are both two of WWE's biggest stars

Both men are really close behind the scenes and both of them came up as part of the trio known as The Shield, one of the most popular factions in the history of WWE. Even though the three men have been top guys while they were members of The Shield, they have been prominently featured stars even when they have gone solo too!

Roman Reigns has now transitioned and in a sense, evolved, to the next stage of his career where he is well-respected and adored by fans, ever since the man returned after battling the biggest heel ever- cancer. In many ways, Seth Rollins has taken the interesting spot that he had been slotted in, just a few years ago.

Why do I say that? I will give you 5 compelling reasons in this article.

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#5 Fans boo Seth Rollins, even though he is a babyface

Gone are the days when the good guy would be cheered and the bad guy booed, like old-school wrestling. These days the fans decide whom they want to support and who they don't like to see.

Seth Rollins was on top of the world back when he became the Universal Champion but something happened since then, and the WWE Universe has been unable to connect with him. I suppose it has essentially been a lack of compelling scripts and storylines from the Creative Team that has led to this unfortunate situation.

There is no edge in Seth Rollins' character, and funnily enough, he only needs to look at his real-life girlfriend to see what's missing. And any WWE fan knows that this was the unfortunate spot that Roman Reigns was in for a really long time, thanks to WWE Creative writing stuff like 'Suffering Succotash' for The Big Dog's promo segments.

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