5 Signs that WWE is slowly turning Seth Rollins heel

Is WWE hinting at something with Seth Rollins?
Is WWE hinting at something with Seth Rollins?

Does anyone notice something different about Seth Rollins? It's almost as if WWE has given 'The BeastSlayer' a darker edge over the last month or so and are continuing to have him do things that seem to be out of the norm for him. In fact, between his ruthless assault on The Fiend at Hell in a Cell and burning down The Firefly Fun House, it's pretty safe to say that WWE has something planned for 'The Architect.'

Exactly what happens and how it all plays out in the WWE storyline remains to be seen, but it feels as if Seth Rollins is heading for a pretty climactic heel turn. Of course, there will always be some that believe WWE doesn't want to turn him heel, especially with how beloved he is, but these five signs suggest otherwise.

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#5 Kevin Owens

Looks like Kevin Owens will be the new face of Monday Night RAW
Looks like Kevin Owens will be the new face of Monday Night RAW

Kevin Owens made his triumphant return to Monday Night RAW during last week's main event and it's pretty safe to say that the company already wants to make him a centerpiece of the Red brand. That, coupled with the fact that WWE has been booking him as a sort of anti-hero as of late, points to Owens being the next big babyface on the roster.

With that in mind and the RAW roster now needing a new heel in order to bring balance back to the brand, it makes sense that Rollins could be that guy. Why else would WWE do controversial finish after controversial finish? Why else would Seth Rollins be gaining a darker edge to his character? All these things mean something and the meaning might be revealed to be a Seth Rollins heel turn.

The WWE Universe isn't behind Rollins like they used to be, especially after the finish at Hell in a Cell, and keeping him a good guy simply isn't sustainable anymore. That's why WWE needs to build Owens up as a babyface and pull the trigger on Rollins' inevitable heel run. At least that way, WWE will have introduced a new dynamic and will have created a great rivalry in Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins. This could also breathe life into an increasingly stale title picture.

#4 Time as champion

Has Seth Rollins been champion for way too long?
Has Seth Rollins been champion for way too long?

Seth Rollins has been Universal Champion since WrestleMania 35 and believe it or not, some are upset about that. Those sour feelings probably have something to do with the controversial finish at Hell in a Cell, but WWE continuing to book Rollins as strong as they have probably hasn't helped either.

In fact, Rollins' strong booking has created resentment among some fans, which has become increasingly evident by the week. Fortunately for WWE, however, the longer they build this up and the worse they make Rollins look, the easier it will be to transition 'The BeastSlayer' into a despised heel.

If nothing else, Rollins is dripping with heel heat already and it's going to be interesting to see how the company magnifies that in the coming weeks. It should also be enthralling to watch exactly how WWE finally turns him heel, which could lead to a variety of possibilities for him going forward.

In the end, this is a firm sign that WWE wants Rollins to be a heel and that the company is already doing a slow build-up towards that. They are also doing it in a way that is going to become more meaningful as time goes on, which creates the engaging storytelling that WWE needs.

#3 Hell in a Cell finish

Will fans forgive Seth Rollins for what he did to The Fiend at Hell in a Cell?
Will fans forgive Seth Rollins for what he did to The Fiend at Hell in a Cell?

WWE made one of their most controversial decisions of the year when they prematurely stopped the Universal title match at Hell in a Cell, drawing the ire of the WWE Universe in the process. Interestingly enough, however, WWE's current direction with Rollins's character points to this being the plan all along.

Think about it this way. Rollins has been a babyface for way too long and has held the title longer than what he probably should have. The best part, however, is that WWE is aware of this and is actually booking Rollins to intentionally anger fans. Creative likely knew that the Hell in a Cell finish would be the flame needed to ignite an eventual heel turn.

If nothing else, the plan worked to perfection and is a great example of just how deep this storyline goes. This isn't Bray Wyatt getting into Rollins's head, which 'The Kingslayer' claimed during a recent interview. This is a place Rollins had to reach in his own mind and is responsible for his own actions once there.

#2 Fan reaction

Is The WWE Universe starting to turn on Seth Rollins?
Is The WWE Universe starting to turn on Seth Rollins?

The crowd has been slowly turning against Seth Rollins over the course of the last several weeks and while some of that has to do with his character needing to be refreshed, it also has to do with WWE booking a slow heel turn for the Universal Champion.

Why else would he burn down The Firefly Fun House, hit The Fiend with a Sledgehammer at Hell in a Cell, and do just about everything in his power to anger fans? If nothing else, this is a perfect case of WWE finding a way to trick fans into getting behind The Fiend while slowly turning Rollins heel and it is working.

Not only does this explain the darker edge that Rollins now has, but it also shows why WWE has chosen these controversial outcomes in the first place. It's all designed to set up something big and whether fans like it or not, that may turn out to be Seth Rollins turning heel.

#1 Burning down The Firefly Fun House

Why would Seth Rollins do something so evil?
Why would Seth Rollins do something so evil?

Why did Seth Rollins burn down The Firefly Fun House?

While the answer to that question is still technically unknown, there is no disputing that it was a very heel thing to do. It is a clear signal that WWE is planning on finally turning 'The Kingslayer' heel again.

For those still holding out hope on Rollins staying a babyface, consider the fact that he burned down the set of everyone's new favorite children's show. He then viciously assaulted Bray Wyatt, while the children's show host tearfully begged him not to. This was obviously intentional to get fans behind The Fiend and make Rollins out to be the heel.

Why else would he burn down The Firefly Fun House? Sure, it was shocking and had fans glued to their screens, but what was the point? The show returned relatively unscathed on Friday Night SmackDown, so the entire purpose of Rollins' arson was to benefit his heel turn.

How that exactly happens still remains to be seen and will depend on exactly how the company wants to go about it, but there are some very unique stories to be told here.

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