5 Signs that WWE is slowly turning Seth Rollins heel


#4 Time as champion

Has Seth Rollins been champion for way too long?
Has Seth Rollins been champion for way too long?

Seth Rollins has been Universal Champion since WrestleMania 35 and believe it or not, some are upset about that. Those sour feelings probably have something to do with the controversial finish at Hell in a Cell, but WWE continuing to book Rollins as strong as they have probably hasn't helped either.

In fact, Rollins' strong booking has created resentment among some fans, which has become increasingly evident by the week. Fortunately for WWE, however, the longer they build this up and the worse they make Rollins look, the easier it will be to transition 'The BeastSlayer' into a despised heel.

If nothing else, Rollins is dripping with heel heat already and it's going to be interesting to see how the company magnifies that in the coming weeks. It should also be enthralling to watch exactly how WWE finally turns him heel, which could lead to a variety of possibilities for him going forward.

In the end, this is a firm sign that WWE wants Rollins to be a heel and that the company is already doing a slow build-up towards that. They are also doing it in a way that is going to become more meaningful as time goes on, which creates the engaging storytelling that WWE needs.

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