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5 things WWE can do to enhance the current product

Atin Sharma
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933   //    02 Jan 2018, 17:05 IST

A lot of fans believe that Vince has lost his touch and should probably retire.
A lot of fans believe that Vince has lost his golden touch

Some believe that the absence of competition since The Attitude Era has made WWE enter into a state of complacency, resulting in a comparatively less exciting product.

Being a wrestling fan can be trying when you see things going on in the WWE that leave you scratching your heads.

Fans have long been clamoring for a change and here are 5 things that WWE needs to do that could infuse excitement into the product again.

#5 Reduce the amount of content being produced

There is simply too much of WWE TV
There is simply too much WWE TV

WWE produces a lot of content and it's extremely hard to stay in touch with all of it. Superstars can be seen performing five days a week on shows like RAW, SmackDown, NXT, WWE Main Event, 205 Live, etc. The list goes on.

Add numerous PPVs and WWE's habit of inconsistent story telling, and it becomes difficult to follow all the action. Moreover, due to a lot of wrestling, matches do not feel special. It is very common for a fan to skip a match on a show only to get to see the same match some other day.

Some encounters need to be special and fans should be teased for a while before delivering it to them (much like The Rock vs. Cena I). Speaking of the content, WWE should definitely reduce RAW to two hour format.

RAW is filled with fillers and backstage events that hardly make any sense. With the pressure to fill in something in the three hous slot, writers often produce material of substandard quality.

Moreover, it is difficult to stay tuned to a TV show for straight three hours.

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