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5 Spectacular Vehicular Entrances in WWE

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Austin on his ATV

WWE spectators and fans always have their eyes out for special entrances. They love to watch their favourite wrestlers enter the arena on SUVs, Huge Trucks, Sports Cars and Motor Bikes. There are some instances in WWE where some vehicular entrances will make the hair on your neck stand. The WWE crowd absolutely loved these moments and these are some of the great memories to be cherished for many WWE fans. In this piece, let us have a look at 5 such instances-

5. Big Show

Let us start the list on a ‘Big’ note. This is the latest one in the entire list. After being fired by ‘The Authority’, Big Show drove a monster truck into the arena. Triple H, Stephanie, Michaels and Orton were in the ring along with Daniel Bryan when Big Show entered the arena. Show came down the truck and chanted ‘Yes! Yes!’ and asked Orton to turn back. Bryan delivered him a high running knee and after this, Bryan joins Show and they both start chanting ‘Yes! Yes!’ This entrance of Show surely entertained the WWE Universe as this is the only such incident in recent memory and a giant on a monster truck is always visually appealing.

4. JBL

Special vehicular entrance at WrestleMania? You cannot ask for more. JBL made a memorable entrance at WrestleMania 21. During that time, he was the longest reigning WWE Champion in 10 years with a record 242 day title reign. JBL made a spectacular entrance in a Grand Limousine escorted by Police vehicles. One more notable thing with the entrance was currency notes dropping from over the top of the arena with a photograph of JBL on them.

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