5 Stinkfaces not performed by Rikishi in WWE

Rikishi is one of the major reason behind Stinkface gained popularity in wrestling.

The Stinkfaces move was made famous by WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi. The maneuver has indeed given fans many hilarious and memorable instances. However, in the past few days, Stinkface has once again been part of the headlines, especially after the Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley performed the move at recent live events.

However, ever since the introduction of Stinkface, not only Rikishi but many other stars have used this move in the squared circle. With that said, let's discuss five Stinkfaces that were not performed by the real-life Bloodline member in WWE.

#5. Rhea Ripley performed Stinkface in recent house shows

The Judgment Day member Rhea Ripley has always been part of the headlines due to her rising popularity. However, in the past few house shows, the Women's World Champion has been seen performing Stinkface on her opponents.

This was started when Ripley executed this maneuver on Nia Jax at a recent live event in Springfield, IL. The video clip recorded by the fans at that moment went viral on the internet.

This even resulted in Shayna Baszler trying to get this move executed on her intentionally at a recent house show in Rockford, IL, but The Irresistible Force stopped Rhea in her tracker. The use of Stinkface by The Eradicator is one of the primary reasons fans are discussing this maneuver despite the absence of Rikishi from WWE.

#4. Kelly Kelly performed Stinkface on various occasions


Kelly Kelly is also another WWE star who performed Rikishi's famous maneuver in the company. However, there is no particular instance where she executed the same as the 37-year-old star, who was mostly seen performing this move randomly during her matches.

Notable names on whom Kelly Kelly had performed this maneuver are Beth Phneomix, the Bellas, Eva Marie & more.

#3. Asuka Stinkface Becky Lynch in live event


Not only Rhea Ripley and Kelly Kelly, but Asuka is also another star who Stinkface other stars in their match. Back in 2022, the Empress of Tomorrow had been seen using this move rarely during live events.

A video clip of the house shows also surfaced on the internet where the current one-half of the Women's Tag Team Champion was seen executing this maneuver on Becky Lynch.

#2. Bayley and Sasha Banks Stinkfaces in a live event


The list of Stinkfaces not performed by Rikshi also includes Bayley and Sasha Banks, aka Mercedes Mone. These two real-life friends had also executed Stinkfaces during a house show where they seemingly teamed up with Asuka.

In the video clip, Asuka was seen as the one who initiated performing the Stinkface on her opponent. This was later followed by both Bayley and the current AEW star.

#1. Big Show Stinkfaces Alberto Del Rio after SmackDown


Paul Wight, aka Big Show, was part of the Stamford-based promotion for a very long tenure before joining All Elite Wrestling promotion in 2021. During his presence in WWE, the giant also once performed Stinkface on numerous stars, including Alberto Del Rio, during a tag team match after SmackDown in 2011.

The Big Show teamed up with John Cena to take on Alberto Del Rio and Mark Henry in a dark match after the October 25, 2011, episode of SmackDown. During the bout, the World's Largest Athlete Stinkfaces Del Rio. Cena and Show went on to win the contest.

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