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5 stipulations we want to see at Extreme Rules

Harry Kettle
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Can Extreme Rules be great again?
Can Extreme Rules be great again?

While many fans still choose to complain about WWE’s PG era, the fact of the matter is that most things are better now.

The exclusion of chair shots to the head and the sight of blood on a regular basis are the only real absences of note, and aside from that, everything else seems to be going pretty smoothly.

However, there’s something to be said about the quality of the Extreme Rules pay-per-view over the last few years, and we’re curious to learn why it’s dropped so dramatically.

While we aren’t huge fans of gimmick events, Extreme Rules felt different in the sense that there was room for variety - unlike Hell in a Cell and TLC.

Because of that, we want to see a return to the roots of ER, and by that, we mean that we’d enjoy seeing a handful of gimmick matches which have been misused over the years.

Obviously, we’re limited in what we can see from a physical standpoint, but we’re fairly confident in saying that the entries we’ve chosen would work out quite nicely.

With that being said, here are five stipulations we want to see at Extreme Rules.

#5 Cage Match

Cage matches can be great fun
Cage matches can be great fun

While it may seem a little bit played out at this stage, cage matches can still be a lot of fun. We would've put the Hell In A Cell in here, but that pay-per-view probably still has some value left out of all of the gimmick events at the moment, and besides, you can have a lot of fun with cage matches. However, we have one stipulation in particular: they need to make it bigger.

These smaller cages make the whole thing seem silly, and if you make the cages bigger, it feels like the stakes are enhanced that much more.

Plus, the Superstars in the ring should have a series of weapons to choose from at the very start of the bout, because otherwise, you're restricted in what you're able to do from a storytelling perspective.

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