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5 Stories of the Illuminati and the WWE

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There are many rumors and conspiracy theories regarding WWE and the Illuminati

For those of you who do not know, the Illuminati is a supposed secret society who manipulates world events and inserts their members into powerful positions.

It could be political or through the media and entertainment business. In this case, it is believed on some level that the Illuminati has infiltrated the world of professional wrestling and has been behind some of the biggest conspiracy theories in WWE and other promotions.

While some might call them rumors or urban legend, the all-knowing wrestling fans would be interested in some of the most out of this world notions that this group is controlling or has controlled and had a hand in wrestling history as we know it.

According to, The Illuminati, sometimes called the New World Order, and has been accused of using media such as WWE to control minds, influence behavior, and change emotional responses.

Yes, professional wrestling is actually thought of as a means of brain manipulation.

Take a second there.

Fact or fiction, it exists. Here are five instances where the Illuminati has been linked to professional wrestling, mainly WWE.

The Ultimate Warrior knew of his impending death

Did Ultimate Warrior know about his impending death?

It’s hard to imagine anything more tragic than the Ultimate Warrior dying just a short time after he was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame and mending fences with Vince McMahon. The time of his passing, plus the cryptic message he delivered the Monday after WrestleMania 30 two year’s ago is something we have not forgotten.

There are many who believe Warrior knew his time was coming to an end.

At one point during his speech, Warrior apparently made the "Mano Cornuto" symbol with his hand, otherwise known to hard rock fans as the Devil's horns. This was supposedly a sign that he knew something evil was around him and he was trying to let everyone know.

Regardless of the reasons for his death or how some believe it was a sign well before it happened, it was still a shocking event and a sad day of yet another hero lost too soon.

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