5 Storylines to Book The Return of Paige

Turn to Paige 2, to find out more
Turn to Paige 2, to find out more
Riju Dasgupta

Paige is definitely a wrestler with a bright future. For all of her accomplishments, she’s only in her early 20s. And even in such a short span of time, she’s reached the top winning the Divas Championship on her main roster debut, after her reign as the longest reigning NXT Champion in company history. And that’s not all...she’s also the youngest Divas Champion in the history of the business and is also the only Diva to hold both the Divas Championship and NXT Championship at the same time.

Recently, after the departure of her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio from WWE, we all believed that she too would follow suit. After all, the company was anything but kind to her, pushing her down the ranks in the roster, to make way for Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley.

Plus if rumors are to be believed, the company also interfered in her personal life and drove a wedge between her and her boyfriend. Much to the relief of pro wrestling fans worldwide, Paige decided to stay in WWE. A wise decision, since it really is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

So how does one book her return to WWE? Read on to find out what we would do.

5- Opponent for Nia Jax

If this look scares you, turn the Paige 
If this look scares you, turn the Paige

Nia Jax has been squashing jobbers on Raw recently with no end in sight. Wait, she has a pay-per-view match with Alicia Fox you say. We say, is she really any better than a jobber? Because if Paige is not happy with her position in the company, imagine how salty Alicia Fox must be.

It’s obvious that Nia Jax is being booked to win the Alicia Fox feud, following which she will need a real opponent. And who better than Paige, who will instantly get a positive crowd reaction because of her big return and recent developments! This is a match which will also test Paige, working with an opponent of Nia Jax’s immense size.

4- Feud with Stephanie McMahon

Paige against the Machine
Paige against the Machine

It is 2016, and backstage drama is often more interesting than scripted WWE storylines. Everyone knows about Paige’s turmoil with the office. What if she returns to challenge the system and Stephanie McMahon in this process? We know Stephanie isn’t really Sasha Banks in the ring, but she can hold her own.

And who wouldn’t want to see her beaten up by Paige for her actions? This angle instantly makes Paige’s return red hot, as it stems from real life and is against a top Authority figure. Who knows? If this angle works out, maybe Del Rio can return for a one-off mixed tag match against HHH and Stephanie McMahon at Wrestlemania 33.

3- Elevating female Raw superstars up the card

A ray of hope for Summer Rae

What Smackdown Live has successfully done, unlike Raw, is elevate the entire female roster in such a manner that it seems important. On the contrary, the Raw roster has ‘the superstars’ and ‘the lower card’, like Summer Rae and Alicia Fox.

What both of these superstars need, in order to appear important, is to feud with a star at the level of Paige, especially coming off such a hot real life angle. We know that the whole roster can work their butts off, and Paige can have good matches with almost everyone on the card.

2- Entering the title picture

Remember that we’ve not seen a Paige-Sasha Banks feud yet

Paige is waiting in the wings to make her big return and challenge for the gold. This is the obvious storyline that WWE will probably go with, by replacing Dana Brooke (who’s in the title picture with Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Bayley)...with Paige! Paige is a really good worker, unlike Dana, and if the women at Wrestlemania 32 this year put on a match to remember, with Paige added to the mix, they can up the ante and take it to the next level.

She’s the missing ingredient on Raw (after the brand split that has divided the roster in half, thereby weakening it). We can’t wait to see her return in style.

1- Defection to Smackdown

Can Paige start a new Paige in her life's story?

This is a prospective storyline. Based on Paige and Del Rio being drafted to two different brands, Stephanie could say she's giving Paige what she’s wanted all along – a chance to go to Smackdown. And Paige could welcome this opportunity because Smackdown Live is the land of opportunity.

There's a real lack of big stars in the female division of the Blue Brand, and Paige can really fit in well. A Becky Lynch vs Paige feud for the Smackown Women’s Championship will really result in some great wrestling encounters.

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