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5 Storylines to Book The Return of Paige

Feud with a legend? Maybe take on Charlotte for the championship?

Turn to Paige 2, to find out more

Paige is definitely a wrestler with a bright future. For all of her accomplishments, she’s only in her early 20s. And even in such a short span of time, she’s reached the top winning the Divas Championship on her main roster debut, after her reign as the longest reigning NXT Champion in company history. And that’s not all...she’s also the youngest Divas Champion in the history of the business and is also the only Diva to hold both the Divas Championship and NXT Championship at the same time.

Recently, after the departure of her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio from WWE, we all believed that she too would follow suit. After all, the company was anything but kind to her, pushing her down the ranks in the roster, to make way for Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley.

Plus if rumors are to be believed, the company also interfered in her personal life and drove a wedge between her and her boyfriend. Much to the relief of pro wrestling fans worldwide, Paige decided to stay in WWE. A wise decision, since it really is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. 

So how does one book her return to WWE? Read on to find out what we would do.

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