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5 storylines to end Jinder Mahal's WWE Championship run 

Johny Payne
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Mahal is likely to drop the WWE Championship very soon.
Mahal is likely to drop the WWE Championship very soon.

Jinder Mahal has managed to successfully hold on to the WWE Championship after taking the prestigious belt off Randy Orton at Backlash earlier this year.

"The era of the Modern Day Maharajah would be short-lived," they said. "The WWE will halt his push any time now," they said.

Long Live the Modern Day Maharajah! The Indo-Canadian WWE Superstar has ground through a considerable number of PPV events, escaping with the WWE title, albeit with outside interference from the Singh Brothers and the Great Khali. Legions of hardcore fans and professional wrestling pundits have deemed Mahal’s title reign as a farce — a slap not only on the face of the WWE Universe but also on that of the entire pro-wrestling business.

The vast majority of them have resorted to levying accusations at WWE management for favouring Mahal due to his allegedly ‘steroid-enhanced’ physique, in reference to the popular notion that Vince McMahon and co. only like promoting wrestlers who fit their beef-cake factory stereotype, so to speak.  

On that note, one ought to understand the fact that the WWE’s push of Mahal came in lieu of the company’s attempts to make further inroads in the Indian market. Nevertheless, as per multiple reports, WWE head honchos aren’t too pleased with the results, since Mahal’s reign as WWE Champion hasn’t really boosted the WWE Shop sales in the country nor led to a significant increase in revenue from the aforementioned market.

In other words, the promotion is likely to take the WWE Championship off Mahal very soon. Keeping that in mind, here are a few intriguing storylines that could prove to be vital if the WWE intends to ensure a smooth transition of its most important title from Mahal to someone more suitable.

#5 Outside interference

Rusev feuding with Mahal and costing him the title against someone else would serve to set up a future, long-running program between the two of them.
Rusev feuding with Mahal and costing him the title would set up a future, long-running program between the two

The WWE would be best advised to use the good ol’ Outside Interference trick, here’s how. As a champion, Mahal often competes in matches outside of his primary rivalry, regardless of against whom his rivalry is with. On that note, the WWE could book him in a one-off match against a fellow established star like Rusev -- having Mahal beat him clean in the matchup.

Following this, they could set up a potential feud with Rusev which in turn would be an excellent way to take the belt off Mahal, by having "The Bulgarian Brute" interfere in the WWE Champion's matches every week. Furthermore, Rusev would provide the distraction in the Maharajah’s future WWE Championship defence (again, regardless of whom it’s against), costing Jinder the match and the title.  

The former tag team partners can then be shifted to a solid mid-card feud, wherein neither of the two performers look weak. Well, speaking of making performers look weak…

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