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5 Superstars John Cena must face before he retires

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Cena and Joe? Inject it into my veins!
Cena and Joe? Inject it into my veins!

John Cena has made his way to Hollywood, similar to fellow WWE icon The Rock. John Cena is rumoured to replace Rock in the next installment of Fast and Furious franchise, and his wrestling career seems to have reached its end.

At 42, John Cena is not getting any younger and has already spent close to fifteen years full-time in WWE. John Cena recently hinted at retirement in an interview, and that could happen quite soon.

John Cena is one of the icons of the wrestling industry and has won a record sixteen world championships in WWE. A record-breaking seventeenth championship victory should happen before he hangs up his boots.

Having performed at the top for over a decade, John Cena has faced a lot of Superstars in WWE. He has fought at Wrestlemania against the Undertaker, Rock, Edge, Randy Orton, etc.

However, there are still several dream matches left for Cena in WWE. We look at five such matchups that must happen before Cena calls it a day.

#5: Aleister Black

John Cena and Aleister Black will be a cryptic battle
John Cena and Aleister Black will be a cryptic battle

John Cena belongs to an era where characters were a major aspect of professional wrestling. Cena started off as a rapper, before undergoing a gimmick change to suit the PG Era needs.

Aleister Black is a lethal character, who has given exceptional performances during his time in NXT. Black's solid character work along with his hard-hitting wrestling style, have made him a force to reckon in WWE.

Black v Cena will be a dream match for the WWE Universe and will help to cement Black as the superstar for the future. Black is young and has a long career ahead of him. Many individuals have compared Black's persona to Undertaker, and those comparisons are not far-fetched.

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