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5 superstars once considered to be the next Goldberg

Daniel Crump
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Often imitated, never matched.
Often imitated, never matched.

As the WWF was starting to turn the tide in early 1998 in the Monday Night Wars, WCW knew they could no longer rely on the drawing power of the NWO. They needed someone who stood out as a true individual, offering fans something other than Hogan, Nash and company.

Enter Bill Goldberg, a former Pro-football player with the ability to intimidate most men with his size and aggression. After a couple of squash matches, WCW soon realised they had stumbled into something truly money making with an incredibly simple formula of having Goldberg march to the ring, beat an opponent in seconds and immediately ask 'who's next?'.

It's a characteristic that many wrestlers have adopted since, especially in the WWE. Here is a look at 5 individuals who were once rumoured to become the next Golberg:

#1. Baron Corbin

The lone wolf-Goldberg
The lone wolf-Goldberg

In terms of appearance and personality, Baron Corbin might be a million miles from Goldberg, but for a time in his early NXT career, the Lone Wolf's matches followed along a similar vein to the former WCW legend.

While the WWE was still trying to work out what to do with Corbin on the developmental territory, their course of action was to have him follow a very typical jobber-killer trajectory. Facing off against a smaller, less prominent opponent, Corbin would do a couple moves before hitting the end of days, winning the match within seconds.

This began to catch the attention of the NXT fans to the point where they would actually start counting down from the first bell ring to see how short the match actually was. While this did help the relatively green Corbin gain some footing early on, they couldn't keep it up forever, and he soon went back to being like everyone else.

Now that he is the main roster competitor, challenging for various midcard titles, the similarities are a lot less numerous. But for a short time, it looked like we had another 'who's next' situation on our hands.

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