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5 Superstars that Kevin Owens could feud with other than Roman Reigns

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Goldberg could be a great challenge for Owens

Kevin Owens is arguably the worst booked champion on the current WWE roster. When WWE introduced the Universal Championship, it was supposed to be Monday Night Raw’s answer to the WWE championship. In short, the Universal title came in as a main event level championship.

Despite this fact, Owens and the championship have been getting a below par booking. Recent rumours and advertisements suggest that Owens is now set to face off against Roman Reigns next. The prospect of a champion vs. champion feud has got the fans talking, and it has turned into a polarising idea in no time.

Letting Reigns feud with Owens would turn out to be a bad idea on so many levels. First of all, despite Reigns being a baby face on paper, he is unlikely to get a baby face reaction. Secondly, the possibility of having both championships on Reigns is enough to anger a lot of fans. 

Lastly, a loss to Reigns is the last thing that Owens would want with the horrible booking that he is already getting.

So in this list, we are going to take a look at some of the alternative names that could feud with Owens rather than Roman Reigns. Just as a disclaimer: this list is composed with respect to how Owens could be booked stronger.

#5 Cesaro

Cesaro vs. Owens would provide excellent matches

Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens is a dream feud for a good portion of the WWE fans out there. Cesaro is currently involved in the Tag team championship feud alongside Sheamus, but as they have not won the Tag team gold yet, he is free to get an upgrade into the main event scene.

Owens needs to be booked as a strong champion before the WrestleMania season, and Cesaro would help him do that. A feud with Cesaro, would not only help Owens put together some great matches, but will also help him to have some credible championship defences under his belt. 

The fans would barely complain about this feud due to the quality it is going to produce.

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