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5 Superstars that need a great showing at WWE Elimination Chamber

WWE's best and brightest will be on the main event stage at Elimination Chamber, but there are some that need an exceptionally great night.

AJ Styles is the former WWE champion but could win it again inside the Elimination Chamber

WWE’s Elimination Chamber event is just around the corner, and fans are surely hoping that the company can deliver yet another big night of action. Elimination Chamber is the follow-up to the Royal Rumble, which may have ended curiously, but was a critical success overall.

That curiosity had everything to do with the Rumble match itself, which didn’t see many Superstar surprises. It also saw a Randy Orton win, which, much like his patented RKO, seemed to come from out of nowhere. 

Though some fans came away from the Royal Rumble a bit perplexed, no one could deny that the men and women involved put in maximum effort from start to finish. The same will hopefully be said of the SmackDown Live exclusive Elimination Chamber, which will feature many stars that made an impact at the Rumble. 

Chief among them is former WWE champion AJ Styles, who will be competing inside the massive Chamber to regain his title. Styles had a career defining 2016 but ran into a man making history against John Cena at the Royal Rumble. 

Styles has nothing to prove of course, as he is the top star of the Blue Brand, but that won’t stop him from bringing everything he has to the event. However, he will not be the only one, as many of WWE’s best and brightest will definitely be in top form.

That will be the case not only because the talents in question are fully capable of doing so, but because they need to deliver in a very big way. 

#5 Naomi

Naomi could become the new SmackDown women’s champion

Naomi is the next Superstar to get a chance at the top on SmackDown Live. The movement known as the women’s revolution has led the female talents to the point of full relevancy in WWE, which means it’s no longer a novelty to see one of them step up for a title shot.

Naomi is not the flavour of the month; she is the real deal. She’s athletic, she’s intense, and she’s very capable in the ring. She has come into her own over the past several weeks, as fans became connected to her as a main event star.

Much of that can be attributed to the SmackDown women’s champion Alexa Bliss, who has done an admirable job of getting over as a top heel on Tuesday nights. The more convincing Bliss is, the more believable Naomi is in her efforts to shut the champ down.

That’s exactly what Naomi will try to do at the Elimination Chamber when she steps into the ring with Bliss. Despite how much Bliss has impressed during her run as champ, this match is more about the challenger.

Naomi is under the bright lights and it’s time for her to shine. Whether or not the Championship will change hands is unknown, but what’s clear is that Naomi needs to look very good in her bid to become the best in the SmackDown women’s division. 

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