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5 superstars that would improve WWE if they were champions 

Who else would prove to be a better fit as champion?
Who else would prove to be a better fit as champion?
Modified 15 Jun 2019, 13:15 IST
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The state of WWE is just sad for any wrestling fans at the moment, as Raw and Smackdown Live have been disappointing the WWE Universe over the last few weeks. Gone are the moments of brilliant writing that elevated the shows. No more do we see unexpected decision making from the creative team that kept us on our toes, and now the overall sense of freshness has disappeared from the product.

So, the question that faces fans right now is simple: where has WWE gone wrong? You see, to pinpoint the exact moment in time when WWE started taking a turn for the worse would require one to go back maybe ten to fifteen years. The company has taken baby steps to the unfortunate position it is now in, and it might take another few years for the company to improve matters.

However, if WWE were looking for a short term solution, then they should start with changing their set of champions on both Raw and Smackdown Live, as replacing some of those stars with more intriguing ones would do the product a world of good.

#5 Intercontinental Champion: Daniel Bryan

Who better to be the IC Champion than the man that cares about the earth the most?
Who better to be the IC Champion than the man that cares about the earth the most?

Finn Balor is an incredible athlete that can pretty much do it all in the ring, as the man has traveled the world with the intention of perfecting his craft and becoming one of the best professional wrestlers in the world. However, if there is one thing that Finn Balor can't do at the moment, it is give the Intercontinental Championship the credit it deserves.

Now, I know loads of fans would criticise my opinion on Balor's IC title reign, but let us face the facts: Balor has not been given the chance to do anything with the belt since winning it. WWE has rarely featured Balor on Smackdown Live since the Superstar Shakeup, which is just baffling, and now it seems like he won't get much more chances to prove his worth if his booking carries on at this rate.

So, if there is a man for the job, then it is definitely Daniel Bryan. Bryan is one of the few stars in WWE that has that star power to make any title relevant, and while it's sort of contradictory to say Balor's downfall as IC Champion has been his lack of screentime when Bryan himself is facing the same problem, Bryan brings something else to the table.

Bryan is a widely popular star that has more outlets to promote himself as champion, as shows such as Total Divas/Bellas give him some time and space to get his reign cemented. Moreover, Bryan is too important to be stuck in the tag team division during a period where WWE is struggling to make the division feel relevant.

WWE needs to use Bryan better, and the IC Title might be the best way to do that, and as for Balor, he should move on to the main event and reignite his career if given the chance.

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Published 15 Jun 2019, 13:15 IST
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