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5 Superstars who can be the fourth member of Triple H's 'New Evolution'

A new stable led by Triple H is rumored to be heading to Raw.

Top 5 / Top 10 25 Feb 2017, 12:26 IST
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Is there an iteration of Evolution coming to RAW?

Evolution is widely regarded as one of the best stables in WWE history. Triple H and Ric Flair joined forces at Unforgiven 2002 after Flair hit Rob Van Dam with a sledgehammer and allowed “The Game” to retain his World Heavyweight Championship.

Later that year, Batista would make his way over to Raw from Smackdown and would catch the eye of “The Nature Boy”, who would begin accompanying Batista to the ring for his matches. Then in January of 2003, Orton joined Trips, Flair, and “The Animal” in a beatdown of Scott Steiner, joining their stable in the process.

Two weeks later, the group got their name, “Evolution”, after a Triple H-promo about how the four men were examples of pro wrestling’s evolution process. Orton eventually became the youngest Superstar ever to win a World title in the WWE at Summerslam in 2004, which led to Triple H and Evolution turning on “The Viper”.

The remaining three members stayed a faction until The Royal Rumble in 2005, where Batista won the Rumble and would be scheduled to take on Triple H at Wrestlemania. Trips tried to talk Batista into fighting for the World title on SmackDown, but Batista refused and power bombed Trips through a table, quitting Evolution. 

Recently, there have been rumours swirling about Triple H starting a new stable on Raw, possibly even re-living his Evolution glory days with a four-man faction. This time Triple H would presumably take over the role that Flair held in Evolution, wrestling every now-and-again but mainly managing his guys and manipulating things behind the scenes.

For the past few weeks, it’s been obvious that Triple H is planning something big.

Samoa Joe made his debut on behalf of his former NXT boss, taking out Seth Rollins who had been calling out Triple H for weeks. Then two weeks ago, before Kevin Owens turned on his now former best friend Chris Jericho, HHH was seen talking to KO, presumably about turning on Jericho and joining him.

Since Owens is currently the WWE Universal Champion, one would assume his role in the faction would be a lot like The Game’s in Evolution. Also, seeing as Joe has had more beatdowns on other Superstars than matches with them and is new to some WWE fans, he seems primed for the Batista role.

However, that leaves one glaring omission from a possible “Evolution 2.0”. Randy Orton was the young, hotshot prospect of Evolution. Joining the group when he was only 22 years old, Orton quickly became a household name within the wrestling world, with the help of the other members of Evolution.

If Triple H’s new group comes to fruition, it will surely be made up of former NXT stars that “The Game” can claim “he made”. Let’s take a look at Superstars from the current roster that could possibly join Triple H’s new stable as the fourth member:

#1 Rusev

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Adding Rusev would make this stable virtually unstoppable

“The Bulgarian Brute” has been considered by many as one of the top bright, young stars in the WWE for the past few years now.

Debuting on the main roster from NXT in April of 2014, Rusev went on an impressive undefeated streak for almost a year and had an equally impressive reign as United States Champion that lasted till Wrestlemania 31, when he lost his title to John Cena.

For the next year, Rusev would find himself in limbo with the company, going from breaking up with Lana to joining The League of Nations and then going back to being with Lana.

Once he reunited with “The Ravishing Russian”, Rusev had another 100+ day run with the United States title, this time losing it to Roman Reigns.

Since losing his title and his rematch, Rusev, again, seems to have no direction moving forward. Adding Rusev to the stable would give them a younger Superstar that can focus on the mid-card title on Raw and instantly make Rusev the top tier talent that they’ve been wanting him to be.

It would also give Rusev his clearest direction with the company since his first U.S. title run and would almost certainly put him in line for a major push when/if the stable splits. 

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