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5 Superstars who can win Royal Rumble 2017

This year brings us one of the most unpredictable Royal Rumble matches in history. Who will emerge victorious?

Could it be The Phenom’s time this year?

While Wrestlemania may certainly be the biggest pay-per-view every year, The Royal Rumble certainly is the most exciting for many fans.

The thrill of the clock counting down to zero, and someone emerging to change the dynamics of the match, makes The Rumble an unpredictable event indeed. In this article, we can merely speculate as to who will emerge victorious in the Royal Rumble this year.

However, our countdown is based on the news, rumours and (royal) rumblings we’ve heard from the world of sports entertainment in recent times. Without prolonging this introduction, let us introduce you to the most likely candidates to win the 2017 Royal Rumble.

#5 The Undertaker

Will the 29 holes be filled this year?

The Undertaker recently announced that he will be part of the Royal Rumble match, and considering that it doesn’t seem like he will wrestle too many matches in the future, he may be one of the favorites to pick up the victory at the event!

If John Cena were to defeat AJ Styles in the singles match at the same event, it would set up the dream match that everyone has wanted for many years now.

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If AJ were to retain his championship, it sets up the Phenom vs Phenomenal match that fans have speculated about on the internet, which may be a dream match in its own right.

The Undertaker is not a young man anymore, and may just excel in a multi-man match instead of a full-fledged singles match at this moment. One must also remember that the Royal Rumble is happening in his home state of Texas and the crowd will pop big for an Undertaker win.

Taking souls, digging holes!

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