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5 Superstars who could become breakout stars from WWE tag teams

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26 Sep 2019, 09:50 IST

Get ready for some yelling!
Get ready for some yelling!

One of the sad fates of tag teams in WWE is that more often than not, they're broken up. What is usually the case, however, is that management sees more value in one of the members than in the collective duo.

It happened when the Rockers broke up and Shawn Michaels went on to become one of the greatest performers of all time. The Shield broke up primarily to push Seth Rollins in the beginning, but all three men became huge stars regardless of the teaming.

The fact still remains that a good deal of tag teams have one member who really makes the team special. Sometimes the gap between the two members of the tag team is so great that one is called the "Shawn Michaels" of the group and the other is referred to as "the Marty Jannetty". There are teams that are exceptions like the New Day, The Revival and The Usos, but those teams are among the best in the world.

Creating a tag team from scratch is often a hard thing to do. The partners have to have chemistry or a gimmick that works well together like " big man, small man" or two powerhouses (AOP) or two work-rate guys. There are some current teams in the WWE that have had some success but it's clear to see that one member is likely destined to break out if the team ever disbands. Here are five potential breakout stars from current WWE tag teams.

#5 Aliyah and Vanessa Borne - Vanessa Borne

Vanessa Borne (left) and Aliyah (right)
Vanessa Borne (left) and Aliyah (right)

Aliyah has been in NXT for what seems like forever. Actually, she's been a part of the Yellow brand since 2015. But for whatever reason, she's never found her footing or been booked like a big deal at Full Sail.

Once she joined up with Vanessa Borne, things started looking up for Aliyah as she and Borne would comprise NXT's latest "Mean Girls" type tag team. They joined the line of teams like Team BAE (Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks), the BFFS (Charlotte Flair, Banks, and Summer Rae) Emma and Dana Brooke, and the IIconics.

Borne is new to the business but has a great look. She's an athletic performer but is still learning the business. What she has learned is the character side of being a performer in WWE.

She has the facial expressions and mannerisms down already and is easy to hate. While Aliyah might have more experience in the ring, it is sometimes the partner who has more natural charisma that gets pushed.

That often gives a wrestler more potential to break out than does a fantastic in-ring game. Just ask Cesaro how far he has been able to go simply by being an amazing technical wrestler. Borne has natural charisma and it could lead her to some bigger things down the road.

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