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5 superstars who could benefit from going back to NXT

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The Yellow Brand will benefit from these additions!
The Yellow Brand will benefit from these additions!

Although NXT is the developmental territory of WWE, it has acquired a cult-like following and is at par with Raw and Smackdown in terms of popularity.

However, all NXT superstars dream of making it to the main roster, whereas some make the most of this opportunity while others fail. Here is a list of five superstars that should go back to the developmental in order to improve.

Apollo Crews

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Apollo Crews, previously known as Uhaa nation on the independent circuit, made his debut on NXT in 2015.

He was one of the top prospects because of his tremendous in-ring abilities. However, he was called upon RAW on April 6, 2016, even before completing a year at the developmental territory.

As talented as Crews is, he was not given sufficient time to develop a persona and get comfortable with the WWE style before being called on to the grand stage.

Apollo has failed to achieve success at the bigger show seeming like a fish out of the water. Even though he is consistent with his matches, his personality remains too generic to catch anyone’s attention. Even having Titus as a manager hasn’t helped move things for him. Going back to NXT and having programs with guys like Andrade Almas and Pete Dunn could give Crews the required experience and confidence to strike big.




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