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5 Superstars who could replace Daniel Bryan as SmackDown Live GM

If Bryan does walk out when his contract expires, who could step in?

Who could succeed the 'Yes' man in this coveted spot?
Who could succeed the 'Yes' man in this coveted spot?

When you first glance upon Daniel Bryan, in his casual shirt with his nonchalant attitude, it is easy to forget that in addition to being the SmackDown Live General Manager right now, he's also one of the best professional wrestlers that's ever lived.

A lifelong student of the game, Bryan's run was cut short owing to a string of concussion-related injuries that he has sustained over his career. Even though he's just an on-screen authority figure at the moment, he still gets the biggest pop on a near weekly basis on SmackDown Live.

When his contract does expire, rumours abound that Bryan may be bound for Japan or elsewhere in the independent circuit, where concussion-related laws aren't as stringent. If he were to step away from the company, who could take his place instead?

We pick five worthy contenders and bring them to you, in this very countdown.

#5 Nikki Bella

Maybe Daniel Bryan wants to keep it in the family!
Maybe Daniel Bryan wants to keep it in the family!

We believe that until recently, rumours were rampant that John Cena's better half would be replacing her brother-in-law as the General Manager of SmackDown Live. Nikki Bella is seen as a mentor backstage among the newer lot of female WWE superstars, and has a crossover appeal because of her appearance on shows such as Total Divas.

She would not be a bad replacement for Daniel Bryan considering that she's fairly competent on the microphone, and her on-stage storylines could then spill over to Total Divas and Total Bellas as well. This would enhance every single show in the process.

However, we have only listed her because of the rumours that speculated that she would be chosen for this coveted spot. We believe that the next four contenders could be far more worthy.

Unfortunately, we doubt that Nikki Bella would get the same kind of reaction that Daniel Bryan does, every time he steps out to announce matches for the blue brand.

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