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5 Superstars who left WWE at the peak of their careers

Vivek Kumar
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CM Punk walked out of the company while he was still under contract in 2014
CM Punk walked out of the company while he was still under contract in 2014

Throughout the years, we have seen many wrestlers come and go. While most of the wrestlers left the company at a low point in their careers, there were few who decided to quit even when they were at the peak of their career.

WWE is the biggest promotion in professional wrestling and hence, a dream for most if not all to be part of the company. So while it seems a little outrageous that wrestlers would leave it at the peak of their careers, there are actually few people who qualify for the least. While some did it to move on to better things, some just weren't happy with what they had.

Here are 5 wrestlers who left the company at the peak of their careers.

#5 Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley was released by WWE in 2008.
Bobby Lashley was released by WWE in 2008.

When Bobby Lashley made his debut on the main roster in 2005, his success in the company was imminent. Lashley had the looks that WWE has always admired. A three-time National Amateur Wrestling champion and a four-time All-American, he quickly made his way to the top. "The Dominator" won the United States Championship within the first year of his debut, defeating John Bradshaw Layfield.

After briefly feuding with King Booker for the World Heavyweight championship, Lashley was drafted to ECW. Lashley became the first African American to win the ECW title. He even went to represent Donal Trump in the "Battle of the Billionaires" against Vince Mcmahon's representative, Umaga in a winning cause. In 2007, Lashley was moved to Raw where he quickly earned a WWE Championship match against John Cena.

At the Great American Bash PPV, Lashley yet again failed to win. He went on a hiatus after suffering an injury in the same match. 6 months later, Lashley was released from WWE. Although neither of the parties made any comments about the release, many felt it was due to dispute with Smackdown lead writer, Michael Hayes.

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