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5 Superstars who must move to WWE Smackdown Live in 2017

It's time to trade these five Superstars from Raw over to Smackdown to ensure that they're utilized in the right way.

Cesaro would be right at home on WWE Smackdown Live

One can argue that 2017 is already off to a strong start for WWE, with Kurt Angle set for WrestleMania weekend and the recent WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament going off without a hitch.

Thus, if the past few weeks have been any indication, fans could be in for another exciting and unpredictable year from the WWE.

That said, there are still several things that need to happen in the remainder of the year, including brand moves. It is currently unknown when the next WWE draft will take place, but there are a handful of Superstars that should be sent packing to SmackDown Live as soon as possible.

Raw might provide competitors with a bigger platform, but truth be told, SmackDown Live is the land of opportunity.

Plenty of people are lost in the shuffle on Raw, so whether they switch shows in the draft or are traded to Tuesday nights, these five wrestlers needed to make the move to the blue brand in the very near future.

#5 Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander has turned heads with his recent work in the Cruiserweight division

Of everyone in the Cruiserweight division, Cedric Alexander is one of the most over athletes at the moment due to his natural charisma and exceptional in-ring ability. However, his recent love triangle with Alicia Fox and Noam Dar hasn't done him any favors and has only hindered his momentum.

Needless to say, it is only inevitable that Alexander leaves the Cruiserweight division and moves on to bigger and better things. He has the potential to be a breakout babyface in the midcard scene, but he would definitely be directionless on Raw if that were to happen.

On SmackDown Live, there's a fair chance that Alexander would get his just due. He would be a perfect fit as Intercontinental champion, and it may not be out of the realm of possibility for him to ascend even higher up the card eventually.

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