5 changes WWE needs during the rumored Superstar Shake-up

Another interesting Superstar Shake-up may be on the cards
Another interesting Superstar Shake-up may be on the cards

If the rumours of a Superstar Shake-up after WrestleMania do end up being true, it would be a welcome decision. There are Superstars who seem lost in their current situation, who could be much more prominent on the other brand.

Another reason why a Superstar Shake-up should take place is the disparity of talent between the two brands, especially after the last shake-up. To rectify the problems mentioned above, these WWE starlets need to jump brands:

#5 The Club

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We need them back on Tuesday nights

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are two such individuals whose situation in the WWE really baffles many. They possess all the qualities of a successful tag team and they had a lot of momentum, thanks to their reputation and their achievements in Japan.

Somehow the creative team has managed to kill off all that momentum and have made it completely impossible for us to believe that they are credible challengers.

At SmackDown, they could either rebuild their image as a dominant tag team, join up with their former bullet club leader AJ Styles or might as well continue their association with Finn Balor if he jumps the ship too.

#4 Finn Balor

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Balor club running wild on SmackDown? Hell yeah!

Finn Balor is the man who could be the face of WWE. He has the look, skills, and charisma of a bonafide Superstar, not forgetting his amazing alter ego, The Demon. The fact that he is not fighting for the top prize for RAW is really saddening.

Although he never lost the Universal Championship, he's nowhere near the main event scene. Being in the hunt for the Intercontinental Championship along with Seth Rollins is good for many, but Balor doesn't fall into that category.

A switch to SmackDown would be an amazing decision for the founder of the Bullet Club as he would most definitely be in the main event scene, and any pay per view headlined by Balor along with someone like Shinsuke Nakamura or AJ Styles will be pro wrestling gold

#3 Baron Corbin

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Time for The Lone Wolf to be taken seriously

Baron Corbin, in the words of JBL, is a future WWE champion, and I agree, but just not yet. He's shown the level of improvement in his in-ring ability and his promo skills, but still isn't the finished product he is capable of being.

If he goes to RAW, he will get the required amount of time to grow as a dominant force. He could go on a series of squash matches, building up his credibility just like Braun Strowman, and once he is considered a big enough threat he could have blockbuster feuds against other WWE powerhouses.

From there he could either be a mainstay at RAW or become the Strowman of SmackDown. It would enhance the abilities of The Lone Wolf and make him a Superstar all of us expects him to be.

#2 Authors of Pain

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These guys will surely tear the house down

On RAW, when Braun Strowman of all people won the battle royal to determine the opponents of The Bar, not only did it bring a certain shock value, but also bought upon the burial of the tag team division. Other than The Revival, none of them will be seen as anything more than jobbers form that moment and that leaves the tag team division of the flagship show in tatters.

In come the Authors of Pain. This tag team, equipped with manager Paul Ellering, could tear the house down with their matches against The Bar or The Revival, ensuring hard-hitting worthwhile television, which would definitely make the tag team division so much more intriguing.

#1 'Woken' Matt Hardy and Brother Nero

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They will make SmackDown wonderful!

There could be a case for why Woken Matt Hardy should stay on RAW. but with Brother Nero, they should most definitely head to SmackDown.

The Uso's and The New Day have made the tag division of SmackDown must-see television, and with the addition of the Woken Matt and Brother Nero, the dream matches are going to be major crowd pullers.

The New day have already been challenged by the brothers formerly known as the Hardy Boyz, and the battle between the Uso's and the duo of Woken Matt and Brother Nero are feuds which would raise the standard of not only the tag titles but SmackDown as well.

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