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5 Superstars Who Need to Turn Heel Fast

Riju Dasgupta
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Maybe a heel turn will breathe new life into their characters
Maybe a heel turn will breathe new life into them

It is no secret that WWE is no longer the brand we grew up watching and loving as kids. The same company that has created so many immortal characters over the years now struggles to get superstars over with fans. The central issue lies with miscasting some of their central characters. Little wonder then, that the crowd has trouble identifying with these WWE superstars.

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The problem is easily solved with a heel turn. In a world that is made up of good and bad guys, maybe a white meat babyface needs to show a mean streak, to get over with the WWE Universe. Maybe a nasty side of one's character is more similar to the actual performer than the character he/she is portraying on screen, at the moment.

In this article, I shall suggest 5 superstars who can benefit immensely through a heel turn. Chime in with your own comments in the section below.

If you think our picks are doing fine as babyfaces, let us know so!

#5 Roman Reigns

Naming Roman Reigns over and over again, is a futile effort
Naming Roman Reigns over and over again is a futile effort

Of course, Roman Reigns is the superstar who needs a heel turn the most among the names mentioned here. Why is he at the Number 5 spot in this list then, you rightfully ask? The answer is simple: WWE has shown us time and time again, that they will not turn him heel, despite the wishes of the WWE Universe.

WWE had a chance to turn him heel when he defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. Reigns is organically greeted with a chorus of boos every single week, and this does not allow the WWE Universe to get invested in his programs, where he is playing the good guy. It just seems like a force fit, a piece of the puzzle that WWE is constantly pushing in place.

Perhaps one day, WWE will relent and actually turn him into a bad guy. One wonders though if it will be too late by then.

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