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5 superstars who probably won't renew their contracts with WWE

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WWE - Raw at Rose Garden
Daniel Bryan - No?!

The WWE landscape is ever changing. The main event scene is completely different from what it was a few years ago, new superstars are given the platform to shine, while erstwhile cornerstones of WWE programming have faded to the background of the product, as new blood emerge to establish their places on the WWE hierarchy.

A perfect example of this is the fact that just four years after their break-up, every member of The Shield is now a Grand Slam Champion, an honor very few wrestlers can boast of. All this changes obviously results in certain superstars being undervalued and under-appreciated.

With time, wrestlers often lose a step or two and get ever closer to calling it a day on their career. WWE contracts don't tend to be more than a couple of years unless you're Kevin Owens, so let's check out the 5 superstars who probably won't renew their contracts with WWE.

#5 Jeff Hardy

Is it time for Brother Nero to hang up his boots?
Is it time for Brother Nero to hang up his boots?

When Jeff Hardy returned to the WWE alongside his brother Matt at Wrestlemania 33, the WWE Universe completely lost its mind. The return was unexpected and it brought back one of the most beloved tag teams to the WWE.

Since then, the Hardy Brothers have gone their separate ways, with Matt forming a tag team with Bray Wyatt, and Jeff embarking on a solo run over on SmackDown Live.

Jeff became a Grand Slam Champion a few months ago after winning The United States Championship from Jinder Mahal. Since then he's been called a legend in WWE programming, and at the age of 40 he has certainly lost a step or two. A career of high-risk maneuvers has definitely taken a toll on the Charismatic Enigma's body.

The man has achieved everything there is to achieve in the WWE, and after a topsy-turvy career in the business, he may be ready to call it a day.

He has publicly stated that he wants to compete in a Hell in a Cell match before he retires, and with the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view locked in on September 16th 2018, it is highly possible that Hardy will not renew his contract with the company having done everything he has desired in his illustrious career.

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