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5 Superstars Who Should Retire The Undertaker

Pramit Wagh
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The Phenom
The Phenom has been one of the most successful Superstars in WWE history

The Undertaker is one of the greatest wrestlers ever to step foot in a WWE ring. No wrestler can have the same aura that The Undertaker has. He is probably the most respected wrestler of the WWE.

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From haunting his opponents and playing mind games with them to putting on five-star matches, Undertaker has just done everything. He has been entertaining the fans all around the world since the 90's. He has beaten many talented wrestlers and has had thrilling feuds.

Now, The Undertaker's days in the WWE are limited due to the age factor coming into the play. This means that there are only a few matches left in Taker's career.

It is sure that he cannot perform the level of matches he used to in his prime. But still, his final few matches would be unforgettable.

This brings us to the question about who deserves to retire The Undertaker? Let's have a look at five superstars who do deserve.

#5 Sting

The WCW Legend
The WCW Legend could come out of retirement for one more match

Let's get the most surprising and unlikely one out of the way. Sting is probably the greatest WCW wrestler to step foot in the WWE ring. The dream match between The Undertaker and Sting has been wanted by the fans for a long time. And it is believed that it is the greatest match to never happen.

The showdown between 'The Icon' and 'The Phenom' has a WWE classic written all over it. When Sting finally made his WWE debut, we all had thought that we are finally going to get to see our dream match but WWE just botched it up. They made Sting lose to Triple H at WrestleMania in his debut match and then made him lose to Seth Rollins in Championship match.


In the match against Rollins, Sting suffered an injury which made him retire from the business. And thus, closing all our hopes of getting a forever wanted dream match. If Sting ever comes out of retirement for one last match, the match should definitely be against The Undertaker with Sting finally retiring himself as well as The Undertaker.

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